Response to ELHAJ: Islamophobia is everywhere — it’s our responsibility to recognize it
Ibrahim YM

Response to ELHAJ: Islamophobia is everywhere — it’s our responsibility to recognize it

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Salaams Omar.

A well written article that presents your position about the effects of Orientalism in laying the foundation for the development of the modern concept of “Islamophobia.”  But you give too much credit to Orientalism for the present-day situation or even for the situation back in Orientalism’s heyday during the height of European Colonialism where Orientalism was used as an intellectual tool for the justification of Colonial practices towards subjugated peoples.  Today’s Islamophobia is much less intellectual and much more demagogic. This Islamophobic approach plays well with modern Western Society’s view of itself and how it views those considered backward. The new American Jingoist Colonialism has displaced the European Colonialism and Islamophobia has become an excellent tool for convincing and cajoling Western Society into accepting the brutalization and barbarity being perpetrated upon these peoples of the “Islamic World.”  Back in the 60’s it was Slopes and Gooks the we were slaughtering the people in Vietnam during the all-encompassing war against the Communist Peril. All you have to do is replace Slopes and Gooks with Muzzies and Towel Heads and the rhetoric is the same. But for us as Muslims, this reality is an external problem that would be easily overcome if we were the Muslims we claim to be.

Let us take the most recent example of what is happening in Syria. The country has been torn apart by a “Civil War” instigated by external actors. But as Muslims we let these external dogs of war into the house and now we wringing our hands because these beasts are craping over everything and causing slaughter and mayhem. Daesh is a good example of what I am talking about. How did they come to exist? There is a lot of evidence concerning them being propagated through American and European collusion, but whether that is true or not, the core of this Daesh was ostensibly an Islamic movement of Muslims attempting to establish an Islamic Khalifate. Pay attention here, see just how far we have come in turning our backs away from the Book. From the Khalifa Rashidoon, through the Omayyad, Abbasid, Fatimid and even to the Uthmanic Khalifate we never as a people reached the level of what this Daesh has done although truth be known, we have been progressively weakening our connection with the Book and relying more and more upon the works of men to define Islam for us. In that progression we have allowed the ignorance, culture and the perceived conveniences of the times dictate that definition of Islam. This progression has allowed Daesh, Al-Qaida and other deviations of the same ilk to exist among us because we ourselves have lost sight of the truth through a self-imposed blindness. What today is called Islam, whether it be Sunni, Shi’a, Ahmadean or any other such sect is by its very nature a deviation from the truth for Allah directly warned us about the evils of sectarianism in the book. Yet look at us, there are so many sects I lose count. And as a result, there are numerous injustices and atrocities done in the name of Islam that we find ourselves always having to explain ourselves or make excuses for these acts saying they are not a part of Islam. But in reality, if you associate your Islam with any of these deviations then you must accept responsibility for their definitions of Islam, their Fatwas and resulting crimes and accept it as Islam otherwise you do not have any real faith and sink into various levels of hypocrisy. Remember, Daesh is a Wahhabi Sunni Sect supposedly following the edicts of their ulema. So, if you belong to any of these sects and accept their creed as the truth, then own up to it and stop apologizing for them and yourself and stand firm in your faith.  But if you find yourself in any way embarrassed, uncomfortable or even questioning of some of your sect’s beliefs or sanctioned actions then you need to question the whole package’s veracity. Why am I bringing you to this point of being apologetic for your Islam? Allow me to present to you an example of your apologetic stance towards Islam.

 “I’ve lost count of how many of my fellow feminist classmates have come to me and questioned women’s freedom due to the supposed patriarchal nature of the religion.”

In this statement, I suggest that you are equivocating on Islam’s patriarchal system. When confronted with your fellow feminists you are ashamed and defensive of Islam and your “Supposed” understanding of Islamic attitudes towards women.  Let me be perfectly clear here, if you believe in the Qur’an as the word of Allah, then understand that there are no errors in the book nor is there any question that the religion is a Patriarchal System. There is no Ambiguity about the subject. But it is a system with built in protections and limitations for both genders that are just and reasonable. But somewhere along the line these protections and limitations have fallen to the wayside and are replaced with this sectarian web of man-made deviations and male-dominated conveniences that the Qur’an’s system is completely ignored.

When we were expelled from the Garden, Allah warned us that we, both men and women would co-exist with enmity between us…until guidance comes to us from Allah.  Oh, and let me point out here, that unlike Judaic-Christian tradition, Eve is not soley blamed for the fall from grace. Allah makes it explicitly clear that both Adam and Eve where equally at fault for disobeying Allah in the matter of the tree.

We got that guidance multiple times, but we persisted in throwing that guidance behind our backs. And made up our own religions based upon our desires and vanities. Because of this, the “Feminist” argument against Islam has a lot of traction, so much so that they have you denying a fact of Islam.

A good example is this “Honor Killing” atrociousness. Where, pray tell, is this behavior defined in the Qur’an? You will not find it anywhere. Yet it is a common behavior among most Muslim societies.  Why is this? And why does it seem that it is always the woman that gets killed in these cases, never then man? Do you not see the immense injustice in this? Once in a small gathering of Muslims of whom I was well acquainted with and considered brothers and friends we had a discussion on this subject. Their united stance was that it was ok for their sons to go out looking for women to have sexual relations with, but that this would be an enormous sin for their Daughters to go out with the same intentions. I pointed out that Allah did not make any gender distinctions in the case of fornication, that both are committing enormous sins. In fact, Allah specifically says to punish them both. This is what is in the Qur’an. And by the way, the punishment for fornication is a whipping then exile for a year and limiting subsequent marriage to only those also convicted of fornication, not stoning to death as is practiced by most sects. In the end, in this gathering I was inundated with hadiths, fatwas and anecdotes that supported their position. Their son’s fornication was OK and just the normal sowing of wild oats that young men do despite the fact that their fornication requires the spoiling of someone else’s daughter in the community. The fault lies with the father of the daughter for letting her be about, not the fault of the boy. By the way, this little gathering included the Islamic Center’s Board of Directors, the community’s Imam and a few other dignitaries. They got so mad at my stance that the called me an apostate and threw me out of the gathering and essentially banned me from any other such gatherings in the future. So much for obeying the guidance of the Qur’an.

Do you as a Muslim believe that your God is unjust? If not, then you need to start questioning the sources of your Islamic faith where they promote obvious injustices as defined by Allah.

Remember when the revelation of Allah was completed, Allah said “This day I have perfected your religion for you.”  Everything else subsequent from that is the invention and conjecture of men, everything.

It is expected that we as a society must make laws and regulations according to our understanding of necessities and proper governance. But they must always be viewed as secular creations by mankind and always subject to the edicts of Allah first, then subject to our best reasoning at the time and always subject to subsequent review and reasoning. And never should such secular contrivances be called the religion of Islam, for they are our inventions, not the edicts of Allah.

Anything in this response that is correct and informative is from Allah(swt) and all mistakes and misunderstandings are from my own inadequacies for which I ask forgiveness from my readers and from Allah

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