Response to ELHAJ: Islamophobia is everywhere — it’s our responsibility to recognize it

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This artical is a response to an article written by Omar Elhaj who was writing for The Cavalier Daily. I highly recommend that you read his article before reading my respinse to it. He wrote an excellant article, Alhamdulillah I just could not help myself from adding my 2 cents worth of observations concerning the points he was making. My respinse was over the 5000 character limit for comments so I am posting it here with a reference being made in the comments of the original article.

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The Myth about Man-made climate change

The Earths Climate cycles are in Allah's hand, not ours

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The current Globlist "New World Order" cabal has created a narrative about man made climate change resulting from excessive carbon emmisions into the atmosphere. The shame of it all is that the so-called environmentalist advocates are either complicit in this power grabbing deception by the globlists or they have been willingly duped in the name of 'saving the planet." In this articleI hope to show the actul causes of the developing climate change and possibly discuss what we, as the huma race, can do about it.