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Friday, August 18, 2017
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Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico Communities

Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico Communities

Insha'Allah A place where Muslims of Santa Fe, Espanola, Las Vegas, Taos and other points north of S.F. can keep each other posted on local activities, news events, births etc. Or just to say Salaams to each other. For more in-depth conversations there is also a threaded discussion forum specific to this group.

Ibrahim YMreplied to: RE: Community Meeting 8/13/2017 @7:30PM

Salaamu alaikum! I attended the meeting and here is a short report on what occurred: 1. It was announced by a Board representative that there wo...

2 days ago

Jamaat Hostcreated the topic: Community Meeting 8/13/2017 @7:30PM

Tonight 8/13/2017 at about 7:30 pm there will insha'allah be a community meeting to discuss the operations of the Masjid and other community issues. P...

4 days ago

Jamila Mallufcreated the topic: HELP EACH OTHER USE THE JAMAAT FORUMS

Let's help each other learn how to use the Jamaat Forums! Every time we learn something new or figure something out let's share it with each other by...

6 days ago

Jamila Mallufcreated the topic: Welcome to the Santa Fe Discussion Forum

Here's a Place were you can discuss any topic, promote any halal activity, list items for sale, employment opportunities, or just about anything you c...

6 days ago

Jamaat HostWelcome to the Santa Fe (and other points North) Community group. Insha'Allah feel welcome to post items of interest, photos, and other media that you might think is of interest to the community. Please keep your posts with JOL's guidelines.


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