Our basic terms for site hosting

We offer to hosts Islamic Websites at a reduced hosting rate with the hope that we can have a mutually beneficial relationship.  Your web site should be about Islam and well within the bounds of proper Islamic Aqidah. You must also comply with JOL’s Privacy and Terms of Service agreements.

We will not by purpose police your site, but if it comes to our attention that you have drifted beyond this simple boundary there will be a warning and if not corrected, we will shut down your site and no refund will be due.

 Please for the sake of Allah, do not abuse our relationship in regards to these offers

Our offer for a free web site for small Masjids or Islamic Organizations has some limitations.

·         No more than 50 members

·         Must be a 501-c corporation

·         Must be able to issues a donation receipt for the web site hosting

·         Must meet our definition of an Islamic organization, subject to change at our discretion including your political views if we find them offensive to our sense of things.


Jamaat On Line does not assume any liability for your web sites performance or content, though if we discover any content that is unlawful (US Laws) we will take down your site immediately.


When you apply for a free site, keep this in mind, we here at JOL are struggling too. We offer these free sites in the hope of generating advertising traffic that we can market. We are not wealthy and we have no financial backers. Insha’Allah If you are in a position where you can afford to pay us for the site, or in the alternative offer a small donation towards the free site we would greatly appreciate it.


Jazakallah khair!


Web Site Application Form

Choose either the Basic DNN Web Site or the Free DNN Web Site
Are you a Non-Profit organization according to IRS

Salaamu alaikum!

Insha'allah we would like to introduce you to our Islamic Web Sites Hoting offer.

We can provide your Islamic Organization with a sophisiticated content management system based web site for as little as $350 including first year hosting. What is included in this offer?

  • DNN content Management System.
  • 5 Hours Design Time help.
  • Mail Chimp News Letter system.
  • Custom Domain Name with 2 Email addresses.
  • Blog/News Articles/Special Events. 
  • Community Forum.
  • Facebook like Social Groups & User Profiles
  • Secure Membership System.
  • Easy to edit pages
  • Choice of Theme from our professional theme collection
  • Photo Gallery, Photo Rotator
  • Social Media Integration.
  • Second Year and beyond hosting starting @ $120/yr.
  • And of course, the blessings of hosting with a Muslim owned business.

Insha'allah; Contact us now


Al-hamdulillah, Are you a small masjid and/or non-profit Islamic organization with limited revenue?


We can provide your Islamic organization with free hosting on the following conditions:

  • Total Drive space under 1 Gigabyte
  • Total Membership under 50 Members
  • You provide domain name or buy your domain name through us.
  • We reserve the top banner and a side panel for our use (IE: Islamic Advertising, Jamaat On Line Promotions and Announcements.
  • Your Web Site does not have any other advertising other than what we provide.
  • We have to approve your application for a Free site.

We have only a limited number of free site spots we can offer. So, Insha'Allah act quickly