Jamaat On Line returns to the Net

Alhamdulillah, Jamaat On Line (JOL) is once more up and running on the Internet. So what in Line you ask? It is intended to be a social networking site specific for Muslims and those interested I Islam. While JOL has been around off and on since 1998, it has never really enjoyed anything like success in that endeavor to be the Muslim “Facebook” for he ummah.  Allahu Alim but I believe that it is partly because places like Facebook, Twitter and the like offered much more flash and had much better marketing on the one hand, and also because I just did not find enough time to market JOL, curate content and keep it consistently operational. Things happen and it is only with the will of Allah that any endeavor comes to frustration.  But we as humans still must make the effort.  So once again I am making the effort.

My Plans for Jamaat On Line:

·         Provide Social Groups that cater to various Muslim Interests in a format similar to Facebook.

·         Provide Threaded discussion groups where the people can discuss almost any topic within accepted Islamic bounds

·         Provide a Blogging platform for those Muslims that desire a place to present their ideas, topics of interest and news articles that would ordinarily interest the ummah.

·         Provide articles and news from other Islamic sources through RSS Feeds.

·         Provide access to a Quran reading and listening tool

·         Provide access to a Quranic search tool

·         Provide Prayer Times accurate for the user’s locality

·         Provide a searchable database of Muslim resources, businesses and other organization types.

Insha’Allah this is not an exhaustive list of what is planned, just a major highlight of our intentions. We are also open to suggestions and offers of help. Also, we expect that our plans will morph as time progresses, the community grows and experience teaches us what best buds the ummah.

That said, we wish to make it clear that we are not a non-profit or charitable organization. Jamaat On Line is a business that we do intend to grow into a profitable enterprise. But it will be an enterprise that will strive to strengthen the Muslim Community in America and make our ties with each other stronger. As we grow we hope to be able to employ other Muslims and even provide help and guidance to other Muslim oriented enterprises.  

As a Muslim Social Media site, we will of course do our best to accommodate the Umma’s needs within reasonable boundaries and unlike Facebook or Twitter we will not under any circumstances sell your personal information or metadata to any third parties. Please help us to make this Muslim Social Media site a success. Join up, participate, encourage your brothers and sisters to join and participate.

Ibrahim Malluf.

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Ibrahim grew up in Paterson New Jersey. Having walked the earth for more than 70 years (yes I am an old man) bumping his head on the ground in worship of Allah, he occaisionally gets this idea in his head that he has something of worth to say.

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