Social Groups at Jamaat On Line

A social group is defined as a collection of individuals who interact and share a sense of unity among each other. In the case of Social Groups within Jamaat On Line the intent is to allow users with a common interest or goal to have an area on JOL where they can meet up. For instance, maybe, several Muslims in Detroit wish to gather together to discuss the issues and resources associated with Home Schooling. They could form a Social Group called Detroit Home Schoolers. Then when they have Thing like meetups, fund raisers or just plain discussions on related issues they could interact as a small tight knit group so that interaction does not get lost in noise of the larger body of users.

Social Groups can be managed in several different ways.  For example, membership can be:

·        Open, anyone can join anytime

·        Open but on Approval by a moderator

·        Private by invitation only.

The visibility of the group can also be set to be visible to all or only visible to members.  If you as a member of Jamaat On Line have a special interest group with at least five members potential members send us an email describing the group, A name for the group, and the email addresses of the initial JOL members of the group. Upon approval we will create the group and set the moderation of the group to the member who requested the group.  Please be aware that we expect the same kind of behavior in these groups as in all other areas of Jamaat On Line.

At present Social Groups offer an Activity Wall similar to Facebook where you can post messages, pictures and videos. There is also a membership list. In the near future, insha’Allah we will be adding Social Group Blogging and Threaded Discussions. As we see it, Social Groups will be the main area of interactive activity by JOL members.

Initially we have a default social group called Main Street that is open to all Jamaat On Line members and serves as a place for everyone to interact with each other. Join up to it and introduce yourself to the JOL Community. Click here to goto Social Groups

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