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What would you do, if you really knew…?

Do you understand how your world, even your little part of it, is controlled by the evil ones?

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Subhan Allah! I was just reading over today’s news taking in the mayhem and mass murder being perpetrated on Yemen, the Rohingya, Libya and oh yeah, Syria. As a Muslim, do you think that these and other similar ongoing events are by circumstance or chance? Or do you ever wonder if the hands of the Evil one and his cohorts are cleverly involved? 

Secular Democracy and Relative Morality

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Is Secular Democracy an advance in political science or a regression to unfettered oligarchy and debauchery in disguise.

 I was just scanning through Twitter posts when I came upon this post:

"Can you name the Muslim world’s first secular democracy? The brief but inclusive Azerbaijan Democratic Republic shows that innovation can come from where it’s least expected.”


Bahrain supports Israeli strikes against Iran in Syria

Providing a way to comment on this article.

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The headline published by Muslim Villiage says “Bahrain supports Israeli strikes against Iran in Syria

Read the original article here:

Since Muslim Village does not appear to allow open conversation and feedback on their news articles, Jamaat On Line is offering an avenue for commenting on this article



The Myth about Man-made climate change

The Earths Climate cycles are in Allah's hand, not ours

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The current Globlist "New World Order" cabal has created a narrative about man made climate change resulting from excessive carbon emmisions into the atmosphere. The shame of it all is that the so-called environmentalist advocates are either complicit in this power grabbing deception by the globalists or they have been willingly duped in the name of 'saving the planet." In this articleI hope to show the actul causes of the developing climate change and possibly discuss what we, as the huma race, can do about it.

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