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Last Post 31 Mar 2018 11:42 PM by  Staff Host Account
Salaamu alaikum
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New Member

31 Mar 2018 11:42 PM
    Salaams all....
    After some trial and error I actually got this Discussion Forum under the guise of Social Groups working. Alhamdulillah!!!

    Anyway, welcome to Jamaat On Line and especially welcome to the Main Street Discussion Forum.

    This is a place where almost any topic for discussion is allowed provided you do not cross the line into Haram know what I mean.

    Insha'Allah this will become a good place to people to start interacting in depth with each other.

    You are not authorized to post a reply.

    Group Activity

    Insha'Allah Jamaat On Line offers several special interest group areas like Home Schooling, Intentional Communities, Local areas groups Like Santa Fe, Paterson, Cincinnati etc. And you as a subscriber could perhaps start your own interest group here. Join us and see what is up.

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